GD11 Raising Power Ball Mask - 12PCS

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 GD11 Goblin Raising Power Ball Mask Sleeping Pack
- New concept of facial mask pack
- lyophilization of protein ingredient, You just melt this mask ball and apply to your face
- Concentrated 70 kinds of protein and moisture factors, enriched special face care
- Capacity :50ml x 1 pack / 50ml x 12packs


How to use:

1. After washing your face and make it clean with toner at night

2. Open 1 ball mask

3. Apply 3~4 drops of essence or toner to ball

4. rub ball to melt it

5. When it turns to liquid, apply it to your face and just go to sleep (no need to wash it by morning)

Tips : Please use this mask pack 2~3 times a week