Sticker Soothing Patch Vacation 6 dots

Sticker Soothing Patch Vacation 6 dots

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Moisturizing should not be missed on drought-like -skin.
Aloe vera leaf & cactus extract give daily moisturizing anywhere.

Exhausted from sweltering heat, but Patch Holic Sticker Soothing Patch cute and cool healing my skin.
Soothing Patch Vacation: Calming Soothing
Soothing Patch Utopia: Moisture Vitality
Soothing Patch Play: Vitality Soothing
Soothing Patch Fruit: Moisturizing Andrefreshing

How to use:
1. After clean the face apply toner.
2. Remove the point patches one by one from the film.
3. Attach it to the area that needs care.
4. After about 5-15 minstes, remove the point patch and pat it gently.

Tip: OK to attach to body requiring intensive care. Store in refrigerator for 15 minutes and use with doble cooling effect.