5/0 Colour base coat

5/0 Colour base coat

正常價格 $250.00 銷售價格 $217.00

UKA皇牌 Color Base Coat 達 9-free 安全指標,不含甲醛,美甲同時修護,疊色達80款,榮獲各大日本名模名媛推薦!打破傳統,速乾易塗,透氧性高,不易色素沉澱,光澤質感,顏色持久!


褐沙象牙色,配襯偏黃的膚色 非常適合普遍亞洲人膚色,時常斷貨款。
塗抹一層,指甲立刻有透亮光澤; 塗抹四層,指尖雅致動人; 可以打底使用,亦可疊擦在你喜愛的指甲油上。
對uka來說,保養指甲跟保養肌膚一樣重要, 幫指甲上妝如同幫肌膚上妝。 此指甲精露最動人之處是能夠層層堆疊, 疊擦出不同的顏色,創造出自己的風格、色調。

Sand Beige

Sand beige with a hint of yellowness which suits the skin and shows o its beauty. When applied on top of another coat, the tone will suit the yellowish tone of the skin.
- Formulated with uka better nail serum to maintain healthy nails
- Contains an ingredient with oxygen permeability, which gives a light, comfortable feeling without tightening or burdening the nails, making it stress free
- Dibutyl phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free, toluene-free
- Surprisingly quick drying - Glossy and easy to apply evenly
- Brings out the color of subsequent coats of polish and makes it last longer
- Does not lead to pigmentation 

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