Skincare Silicon Brush

Skincare Silicon Brush

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Faith in face silicone is designed to easily apply mud, clay and liquid foundation. It helps to evenly apply cosmetic products on your face and body.

Skin Friendly safe silicone brush. Unlike brush with hair, The round silicone head wont scratch or damage your skin.

Easy to wash. Unlike hair brush, the impurities wont remain at the surface and easy to rinse with water. Silicone does not melt at hot water and can be stored hygienic.

Faith in face 矽膠旨在輕鬆塗抹泥漿、粘土和粉底液。 它有助於將化妝品均勻塗抹在臉部和身體上。
親膚安全矽膠刷。 與用頭髮刷不同,圓形矽膠頭不會刮傷或損壞您的皮膚。
易於清洗。 與毛刷不同,雜質不會留在表面,易於用水沖洗。 矽膠在熱水中不會融化,可以衛生儲存。
使用高密度的高端矽膠進行精確工作。 可將化妝品均勻塗抹於鼻子、額頭中部和下巴等各個面部輪廓。
具有成本效益。 在清潔過程中,刷毛很可能會脫落,而矽膠刷可重複使用,不易變形,經濟實惠