Fabric Conditioner Refill - Lovely Chic (960ml)

Fabric Conditioner Refill - Lovely Chic (960ml)

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Lovely Chic
Top Notes: Peach, Apple⁠
Middle Notes: Rose, Lily of the Valley, Geranium, Jasmine⁠
Base Notes: Amber, Musk⁠

LAVONS LE LINGE Fragrance Fabric Softener - Lovely Chic (960ml), the most favoured clothing care brand LAVONS by popular daily magazines "ViVi", "saita" and "Ray", the softener is standard on the side of the washing machine.

Unlike other major softeners that are either only aromatic or only able to soften the fabric, LAVONS is a typical all-rounder. It can be divided into front, middle and back notes like perfume, with fresh plant fragrance, and the washed clothes are soft and fluffy, close to the body. It is the most suitable softener for precious clothes to be maintained!

Made in Japan, Quality Assurance

Sensitive skin will no longer feel itchy and uncomfortable. The deodorant and sterilization effect makes clothes cleaner. If darlings are allergic to pollen, LAVONS is your saviour. The pollen countermeasure formula makes it difficult for pollen to adsorb on clothes, it could not be more intimate.