to the Moon Fabric Conditioner Refill Twilight Magic Double size 860ml

to the Moon Fabric Conditioner Refill Twilight Magic Double size 860ml

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Prolonged COVID-19 crisis and economic uncertainty, people's need for well-being has increased.
In addition, with the diversification of working methods, more and more people are particular about working methods.
People are increasingly interested in odors in workplaces and living spaces.
Therefore LAVONS launched the "LAVONS to the Moon" series to provide "Well Being" and fragrance.
The series name "to the Moon" is a romantic phrase for "very very". Named after the image of a relaxing experience.
The packaging uses "deep breath", "moon night tranquility" and "mind tranquility" as keywords, with a dreamy and dreamy gradient expression.
"Twilight", which means twilight after sunset or before sunrise, and "magic hour", the time when the sky changes colors beautifully. Thus was born the name of the fragrance "Twilight Magic".
Enjoy a relaxing moment with the new collection of deep-breathing aroma "LAVONS to the Moon".
Fashion lovers keep clothes clean, sorted and organized. Looking like you slept in your clothes isn't fashion forward. Care for your clothes with LAVONS and make laundry day fun!

1. Keeps the shape & leaves a smooth finish: reduces the chance of stretching, piling, wrinkling and shrinking.
2. Antibacterial: removes damp smell from drying clothes indoors.
3. Fabric conditioner: contains fabric conditioning ingredients for gentle, luxurious softness.
4. 100% plant-derived cleaning ingredients
5. Lavons fabric softener fragrances
6. Stylish laundry bottles

Made in Japan

Product usage:
1. Washing machine consumption
Pour 40ml laundry detergent into 30L water with washing capacity of 1.5kg
2. Hand wash consumption
Pour 10ml laundry detergent into 5L water