Fabric Refresher Refill -Luxury Relax 320ml

Fabric Refresher Refill -Luxury Relax 320ml

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[Lavons Clothing Perfume: Deodorization +99.9% Sterilization!! Provides you with full protection!!]
Japan's LAVONS LE LINGE recently launched a clothing fragrance spray that combines ""double sterilization"" and deodorizing effects to provide comprehensive protection for everyone! ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀
#Double sterilization ⁠⠀
Lavons clothing perfume has been tested by Japan's antibacterial verification and has a "99.9% double sterilization effect", effectively eliminating #staphylococcus aureus and #Escherichia coli. As long as the clothing perfume is sprayed on cloth products, it can protect your health every day, and add assurance to your life. ⁠⠀
#Natural and harmless ingredients
The ingredients of Lavons clothing fragrance are derived from natural plants. The ingredients are non-toxic, non-irritating and formaldehyde-free. They can be safely used in household linen products that are not frequently cleaned such as clothing, bedding, baby products, dolls and carpets. It can effectively remove sweat odour, and odours from tobacco, food, and pet supplies. ⁠⠀

# Long-lasting scent
- Unique formula evolves different levels of aroma
- Add fragrance to fabrics, clothing, carpets, etc.
- Can be used for sofas, bedding such as pillows, sheets, plush dolls, etc. - Can be used for car carpets and peripheral products
- Effectively remove odours from tobacco and food
- Effectively remove odour and bacteria from pet supplies ⁠⠀

#Using Tips ⠀
- Spray it directly on unwashed clothes such as coats, scarves, suits, etc. to deodorize and sterilize before leaving or returning home.
- Spray every day before going out or on your bed for a natural fragrance that lasts throughout the day. ⁠⠀
- After cooking, barbecuing, and karaoke, you could use clothing perfume to remove the odour left on the clothing. ⁠⠀
- Spray in the workplace to make work more comfortable and revitalized.⠀
#40ml Portable Pack ⁠⠀
In addition to the larger portion of perfume, Lavons also supply smaller portable packs, which could be easily put into a bag to deodorize and sterilize anytime, anywhere!!⁠

#How to use refill
• Open in the direction of the cut arrow in the upper right corner of the package.
• Slowly pour into the empty bottle to the mouth of the bottle with the opening cut."

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