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The real spring-coral product for the spring-warm skin tones in collaboration with RilacCoco.
This product allows you to experience the soft-moist texture of vegan airy lip balm in a limited color and gradient package.
athé is a premium vegan beauty brand offering skin care, hair care and
makeup products formulated with plant-based ingredients from Switzerland.
Its clean beauty products are gentle formulations made free of additives and parabens.
All athé products are 100% made in Korea.

A spring-felt color with vitality spreads lightly over the lips.
A spring two-tone gradation originated from the original lip color.
Limited gradient package in a pink mood design.
Seamless lip balm made with finely blended particles.
Without adjusting the strength or skill, the thin texture like air with a semi-pleasant texture gives a blurring effect.
A vegan color lip balm with various colors that completes the two-tone lips.
The product is free from animal-derived ingredients, certified by Eve Vegan,
does not contain harmful substances, and has undergone a low-irritation test,
making it a gentle product with a smooth and mild touch.

How to use
Glide the pigment along the lip line.

02 So Warm: Vital apple red color.
04 Chilli: Blomming chilli red color.
05 & Joy: Cozy like Pink Muhly and yet cool rosy pink color.
06 Haze: Warm and soft sunset coral color.
08 Pink A Lot: For both warm and cool skin tones, a 100% pink color.
09 Cherry Very Much: Blended red berries in a vital cherry red color.