[Authorized Product] Japanese Version Hydra-Repairing Mask 3S

[Authorized Product] Japanese Version Hydra-Repairing Mask 3S

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Defence, repair, moisturizing

Applicable skin type:
Damaged and tired skin

Applicable groups:
1. Scaling, dry itchy skin
2. Long stay in the air-conditioned room, improper maintenance
3. Skin discomfort due to UV exposure and sudden changes in weather
4. Menstrual dark period maintenance

- Super Snow Pearl - Carefully selected rare plant extract from the 10,000-year-old ice field in the Swiss Alps-"Dianzhu pearl flower", which grows at a high altitude of 2,700 meters. With the harsh living environment of year-round ice, strong light and drastic temperature changes, it has a powerful Polar Defense. Protects and revitalizes skin, restoring suppleness, refinement and smoothness.

- WOW multiple emulsification technology - Adding three kinds of rare vegetable oils (camellia oil, cloudberry seed oil, neroli oil) improves the roughness of the skin and reproduces the tender skin touch.

- Golden ratio 2:8 essence honey- Multiple emulsification technology creates a golden ratio of 2:8 tiny molecule essence, which completely seals the highly active extracts in the essence and penetrates deeply into the bottom of the skin.