[Authorized Product] Japanese Version Rejuvenate Triple Brightening Mask 3S

[Authorized Product] Japanese Version Rejuvenate Triple Brightening Mask 3S

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Effect: Brightening, whitening, intensive moisturizing
Applicable skin type: Dull, uneven skin tone
- Super Star Lily - Unique multi-brightening mechanism combined with hop flower, daisy extract and arbutin, actively inhibits, regulates and improves dullness, evens skin tone, and gives skin a new white and translucent
- Three kinds of rare vegetable oils (camellia oil, cloudberry seed oil, neroli oil) improve rough skin texture
- W.O.W. multiple emulsification technology to create a golden ratio 2:8 small molecule essence honey

Applicable groups:
1. Dull and dehydrated skin
2. Staying up late watching dramas and looking bad
3. Uneven or sallow skin
4. Melanin deposits are difficult to fade

Quantity per piece
3 pieces
After cleansing and toning, remove the pearlescent layer and apply the mask over the face. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. Massage gently with your fingers to facilitate the absorption of remaining essence. No need to rinse with water. Finish the your skincare routine with your daily lotion or cream to lock in the nourishing ingredients.

Please keep it out of reach of infants and young children to avoid accidental ingestion; Stop using the product and consult with a dermatologist if you have any discomfort, persistent redness or swelling after using; Do not use it when the skin is injured or reddened; Infants and young children should not use this product; For those with sensitive skin, please do a partial skin sensitivity test and make sure there is no irritation before using.

Storage method
Please keep in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight.