Cica 5 Truly Soothing Cleansing Water (500ml)

Cica 5 Truly Soothing Cleansing Water (500ml)

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A no-rinse cleansing water that soothes irritated skin and removes makeup, and impurities in one simple step.

Cleansing water with no irritancy or stimulus – just like real water.

Removes all makeup and is suitable for sensitive skin.
Contains 10,000 ppm of Cica 5 complex to calm skin redness and soothe irritated skin.
By adding Centella Asiatica Extract with the other four effective ingredients of Cica, maximize the skin soothing effect.
Removes all make-up at once and no need to cleanse with water afterwards.
Can remove stubborn make-up such as eye and lip products.


Tips for use

Eye make-up removal: Pressed the soaked cotton pad on the corresponding part, then wipe off after 5-10 seconds

Basic Make-up removal: Wipe the face with the soaked cotton pad outward until the makeup is completely removed.
(*Tip: Though the rinse is unnecessary, you can still wash again with lukewarm water)