Faith in Face  AHA! Peel So Good Gel 深層亮白去角質凝膠

Faith in Face - AHA! Peel So Good Gel

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☁Clean the dirt in pores effectively☁

Transparent gel texture and using various plant formulas, mild and non-irritating.

The kneading and grinding method exfoliates the ageing keratin and
reduces the dead skin cells,
making the skin soft and smooth,
and helping the skin absorb nutrients and moisture better.

#Remove residual dirt
#Exfoliating Gel

1. If you have makeup, you need to remove makeup first and wash your hands and face with warm water.
2. Squeeze out the gel.
3. Circling from the inside out for 30 seconds. After massaging, particles will appear, indicating that the dead skin has been removed.
4. Rinse your face with warm water.


Main ingredients

*Magnolia Extract: Has antibacterial and antifungal properties
* Sargasso Extract: Protects against photoaging and has UVB anti-inflammatory properties.
* Kelp Extract: Helps reduce inflammation and moisture binding properties



Faith in Face AHA! Peel So Good Gel 深層亮白去角質凝膠

 AHA! PEEL SO GOOD GEL 深層亮白去角質磨砂膏

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