GLAZM LIP BALM STICK 03 Attention 3.5g
GLAZM LIP BALM STICK 03 Attention 3.5g

GLAZM LIP BALM STICK 03 Attention 3.5g

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Clear and pretty glowing of Glazm is complete with kitsch pink shade.
If you love pink, you will fall in love with this item.
Glowing lip balm stick that becomes more vivid and provides more volume as you apply more layers.
athé is a premium vegan beauty brand offering skin care, hair care and
makeup products formulated with plant-based ingredients from Switzerland.
Its clean beauty products are gentle formulations made free of additives and parabens.
All athé products are 100% made in Korea.

The smooth Glazm glow on any angle will brighten your skin and
lips through the unlimited light spectrum, clear prism and smooth glazed texture.
Made with colors that have transparent glow.
The high refractive glazed coating layer provides glowing lips from any angles.
The vivid shades and thick layering provide smooth lips as applying more layers.
Provides softly adhering texture as soon as being applied on lips.

How to use
Apply along lip line as much as you want to expand the lips.
Blur the color towards inner side of the lips to remove any boundary.
Apply Glazm lip balm stick to provide more volumizing lips.
Gently apply along lip line.
For thicker lips, apply 2-3 layers to make more volume.

01 PIC Me: Clear cherry red shade to bright all skin tones
03 Attention: Lively mute pink as if containing scent of lilac
04 Individual: Rosy mauve added with a hint of brick shade