Hair Fragrance  (150ml) - GOODVIBES ONLY
Hair Fragrance  (150ml) - GOODVIBES ONLY

Hair Fragrance (150ml) - GOODVIBES ONLY

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Hair Fragrance  (150ml) - Goodvibes Only


A light and elegant combination of pear and white tea
Freshly brewed white tea blended with fresh pears for a refreshing comfort

5 major functions come together, conditioning hair while exuding a charming fragrance.
1. Maintain hair colour
2. Protecting hair from heat styling
3. Removing hair odour and giving off a pleasant smell
4. UV protection and hair drying protectant
5. Anti-static
Contains two organic extracts and five plant-based oils and two natural organic components, including macadamia seed oil and sage leaf extract. So that the scalp sebum status can achieve average, making it simpler for hair to absorb the nutrients of natural plant-based oils to achieve high-efficiency moisturizing, compliance, and shine for additional hair coat.

How to use:
Spray it on the middle and end of the hair from 15 cm away from the scalp. Avoid spraying on the scalp! Instead, you could spray it on the comb to make the fragrance more evenly and naturally attached to the hair.

• When using this product, check carefully if there are any symptoms like pain, swelling, or redness point.
• If skin becomes sensitive, discontinue use immediately.
• Stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist if there is any skin disorder such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, discolouration (whitening, etc.) or darkening.
• Avoid contact with eyes. If so, rinse your eyes immediately and thoroughly with water.
• Do not inhale the spray.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Do not place in direct sunlight or extreme heat.