Milk Moisturizing Foot Mask (1set)

Milk Moisturizing Foot Mask (1set)

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Milk Moisturizing Foot Mask (1set)





Korea's ultra-dense sock-type foot mask, which fits the foot!

- The shea butter high moisturizing essence penetrates quickly in only 20 minutes
- 3 major repairing ingredients - Macadamia Oil, Squalane, and Ceramide 3, effectively repair chapped and moisturizing foot

✓Lazy maintenance foot exfoliation, 60ml large-capacity exfoliating essence is amazing
✓10,000ppm lemon extract, deodorant, antibacterial and clean
✓No added salicylic acid formula, PH3.6 mild skin rejuvenation formula
✓Korean patented foot mask, which makes the essence more closely adhere to the skin of the feet