Moisture cream (100ml)(Expiry Date: 06/04/2024)

Moisture cream (100ml)(Expiry Date: 06/04/2024)

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A functional moisturizer with the three-step moisturizing action of β Hyaluronic Acid™ and the powerful antioxidant action of bakuchiol.

Bakuchiol helps the skin fight oxidation and is an ingredient found in the leaves and seeds of Babchi, a plant used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine. Research on bakuchiol has shown that bakuchiol can also act as retinol, an effective anti-ageing agent since the 1960s. Its mechanism is similar to retinol, but it is a more stable alternative that can be used during the day.

It is a gel cream, and which texture is neither too light nor too heavy. The texture is moisturizing and absorbs completely into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.