No.3 Tingle-Pore Softening Sheet Mask (4ea)

No.3 Tingle-Pore Softening Sheet Mask (4ea)

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Like No.3 Essence, it contains bifid yeast extract and galactose yeast ferment filtrate (Pitera).

 They are both beauty ingredients of high-end essences from well-known counters.

They have deep moisturizing and tenderizing effects.

- The formula is specially formulated to target pore problems. 

The more enlarged and serious the pores are, the more effective it will be.
- Pore Miniming Complex™, which effectively tightens pores, contains 8 natural herbal ingredients that calm skin,

fight acne and tighten pores, such as peppermint extract, tea tree extract, witch hazel extract, bitter orange essential oil, etc.
- The concentration of beauty ingredients is quite high.

Using the mask once is as effective as going to a beauty salon to take care of your skin. It can be effective without daily use.

It is suitable for people who take flawless and careful skin care.

- The texture is high-end and thick, made of fine and dense fibers, 

as soft as jelly, and perfectly blends with all the concave and convex curves of the face

- Recommended for people with enlarged pores, rough skin, and those who want to reduce wrinkles and brighten their skin.

1. Open the mask, apply the mask evenly on the face starting from the eyes, and press to fix the mask.
2. Take off the mask after relaxing for 10-20 minutes.
3. Pat your skin gently to absorb the remaining essence.