NUDE Capsule Super Cool Mint - Honey Lemon

NUDE Capsule Super Cool Mint - Honey Lemon

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An instant "Breath & Belly Freshener" capsule with "DUO ACTION" provides a unique mint explosion experience with tasteful flavors!
Effectivly remove the mouth odor inside your face mask and soothing sore throat caused by long-wear mask.
NUDE breath-removing super cool mint popping beads adopts the patented seamless capsule technology to develop four-layer instant breath fresh capsules.

#Double degassing
Different from the general single breath-removing mint, NUDE Capsule Sugar-Free Mint have DUO ACTION function, which is the double breath-removing effect:
Not only remove the residual odour of food in the mouth, but also go directly to the stomach to eradicate gastric gas, and the mouth can be kept fresh for a long time.

#Soothes throat discomfort caused by wearing a mask
Wearing a mask for a long time can make the throat thirsty and itchy. The refreshing peppermint of peppermint can stimulate the secretion of saliva and help moisten the throat. Coupled with the comfortable and cool feeling of peppermint, it can greatly relieve throat discomfort caused by wearing a mask for a long time.

#Packaging is small and hygienic
Compared with the mints on the market, the mouth-popping beads are smaller and easier to carry. It is thinner than the Airpod. You can put it in the trousers pocket to go out casually. In addition, the packaging mouth has a slingshot design, which eliminates the need to insert your fingers inside, which is very hygienic. No bacteria entrance!

#Super refreshing mint explosion experience
A tablet after a meal can remove the breath and also repels the food coma! The refreshing mint sensation can stimulate the brain, so that you can instantly refresh from the throat to the nose, quickly driving away the tired feeling. Take one tablet to wake up immediately after returning to work and school. Refreshing the mind and working more confidently. It doesn't have to be chewed, so you can eat it secretly and no one notice ~

How to eat:
Step 1: Bite the popping beads, melt the shell in your mouth, breathe immediately and feel the freshness
Step 2: Swallow the internal capsule into the digestive tract to dissolve stomach gas and completely eradicate the source of bad breath

30 capsules/box
Made in Japan

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