Sticker Soothing Patch Utopia 6 dots

Sticker Soothing Patch Utopia 6 dots

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It contains camellia sinensis leaf extract and aloe vera leaf extract.
All at once, from soothing to vitalizing.

Exhausted from sweltering heat, but Patch Holic Sticker Soothing Patch cute and cool healing my skin.
Soothing Patch Vacation: Calming Soothing
Soothing Patch Utopia: Moisture Vitality
Soothing Patch Play: Vitality Soothing
Soothing Patch Fruit: Moisturizing Andrefreshing

How to use:
1. After clean the face apply toner.
2. Remove the point patches one by one from the film.
3. Attach it to the area that needs care.
4. After about 5-15 minstes, remove the point patch and pat it gently.

Tip: OK to attach to body requiring intensive care. Store in refrigerator for 15 minutes and use with doble cooling effect.